Sterling Dance Theatre

Since 1989 Getting Back to the Art of Dance

 Sterling stands for:

Strength - Technique - Energy - Rhythm - Love - Innovation - Nerve - Grace

  all of the qualities that go into making a superb dancer.

Showcase 2016 Opening Number

Showcase 2016 Opening Number

Sterling Dance Theatre

A San Jose dance studio, Sterling stands for Strength, Technique, Energy, Rhythm, Love (of dance), Innovation, Nerve and Grace...qualities that identify the superb dancer. Sterling Dance Theatre is dedicated to developing those qualities in our students. We are not a dance factory where the main focus is on rehearsing all year for competitions at the expense of real technique training. We are a year-round school that emphasizes proper dance technique in Ballet, Jazz, Hip-Hop, Tap and Lyrical in a fun, imaginative forum. We recognize that many of our students may not become professional dancers and teach in an environment of encouragement that promotes self-esteem and confidence that will enhance whatever field of endeavor they eventually choose. We promote our dancers when we judge them to be ready emotionally, physically and technically and we do not hesitate to provide career direction for the serious and talented dancer. At Sterling the atmosphere is one of positive reinforcement for all of our students no matter the goal. Our dancers are encouraged to develop their own unique qualities and joy of dance in an age-appropriate venue. We believe that young dancers should be taught to respect their bodies and themselves as people. We encourage responsibility and teach our dancers how to work together as a team.

Founded in 1989, Sterling is based in San Jose, California in the lovely Almaden Valley. We showcase our dancers in an annual series of theme concerts at the Santa Clara Convention Center Theater, a modern 600 seat facility that is large enough, but not too large for an intimate setting. 

Dance is more than just a form of personal physical discipline; it lifts the spirits, raises self-esteem and enhances mental and physical agility in everyone., regardless of age. It teaches responsibility and self-discipline to our dancers in a way that is creative and fun and develops their cognitive abilities through the expression of their own unique movement qualities. For adults, it can open a whole new world of mental and physical well-being. It develops muscle-tone, relieves the stress of everyday life and provides a creative challenge that enhances self-awareness in a positive way that helps to overcome those negative feelings we all have about our bodies. It develops the grace and confidence achieved through the personal awareness of the body that only a dancer is simply the best gift you can give to yourself and your children.

At Sterling we believe that dance training is so much more than just becoming a dancer; it's a step toward being a successful adult and a person of integrity and self worth.

We have classes for ages 3 and up, all levels of experience.

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