Sterling Dance Theatre

Since 1989 Getting Back to the Art of Dance

 Sterling stands for:

Strength - Technique - Energy - Rhythm - Love - Innovation - Nerve - Grace

  all of the qualities that go into making a superb dancer.

  We call Sterling the "big little studio" partly because we do big things in spite of keeping our staff intentionally small. This enables us to have continuity in the training our dancers receive and to build a more solid base for technique.  All of our teachers are fully trained  in the techniques they teach, have years of experience in dance and all have been with the studio for many years. They all make teaching dance a special place in their lives and take dance training very seriously.  During the day, Miss Lisa, Miss Ashley, Miss Rhona and Miss RaeAnn are full time teachers in the private or public school system and all of our teachers have college degrees or are getting a college education.  They are also some of the nicest people you will ever meet and are great role models for your dancer.  Quality dance training comes from the heart and all the staff at Sterling really love what they do.  

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