Sterling Dance Theatre

Since 1989 Getting Back to the Art of Dance

 Sterling stands for:

Strength - Technique - Energy - Rhythm - Love - Innovation - Nerve - Grace

  all of the qualities that go into making a superb dancer.

     Every Fall, usually in November, Sterling has an annual Showcase at the Santa Clara Convention Center. Our Showcases are a step above what would be considered a "recital".  All of the photos on this site are "live" action shots taken during our Showcases so let them speak for the quality and standards of our show.  We go the extra step each year with a professional show in an environment enhanced with the professional lighting, staging, management and production of quality dance and theatre.  We have quality keepsake programs with color covers, we have a three camera HD video company shoot the show and we have at least two photographers at all times both backstage and in the audience.  We do this because we want our dancers to have the experience of professional theatre, not just a "put on the music and dance" recital. Our Showcases always have a theme that runs loosely through the show to provide continuity and also tell a story or frame an idea. We do a different, fresh, show each year.

   The Santa Clara Convention Center Theater is large enough without being too large for our audiences and provides a great view of the show from almost every seat.  We are proud of our Showcases and know they will be a memorable time for our dancers.

   Almost all of our dancers are eligible to participate in the show. For more information, please read about the Showcase on our Tuition Fees and Policy page. See below a gallery of even more great Showcase Pictures!

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