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 Sterling stands for:

Strength - Technique - Energy - Rhythm - Love - Innovation - Nerve - Grace

  all of the qualities that go into making a superb dancer.

 Sterling Dance Theatre Tuition Rates 2019 effective February 2019 through January 2020

(Workshops, or Limited-Term Classes Priced Separately)

Sterling's monthly rates are based on a average 43 week annual calendar.

Classes Per Week                                                                    Monthly Tuition    

One                                                                                                    $77.00

Two                                                                                                   $150.00

Three                                                                                               $190.00

Four                                                                                                  $210.00

Five                                                                                                   $235.00

Six                                                                                                      $265.00

Seven                                                                                              $280.00

Eight                                                                                                $295.00

Unlimited (1 Dancer/Family)                                  $320.00

Unlimited 2 Dancers/Family $340.00

Unlimited (3 Dancers/Family)                                       $375.00

Students enrolled in one or more classes offering live musical accompaniment 

(designated as * on class schedule ), add $5 per month to above rates.

Zumba (adult) classes are priced separately and are $15.00/month per student for Sterling families and $25.00 /month for adults who do not have children enrolled at Sterling.

Try-Out Rate:

$20.00 per for Preschool/Kindergarten.

   Drop-in Rate:

$25.00 per class (only allowed in certain classes ).  No Showcase eligibility with this rate unless approved by the Director.  For further information and clarification, please speak to the Director via email at

We accept Cash or Checks or families many use recurring payments through their bank.


General Tuition Regulations

 Immediate family groups with more than one student enrolled may use total number of classes per week as monthly tuition rate.  Sterling does not allow pro-rating of classes for absences or holidays.  If extra classes fall within a month ,for example, if there are five Wednesdays in any given month, they are free. This adds up to quite a savings for those students taking multiple classes since almost every month contains the fifth classes.  If a class is cancelled due to an Instructor absence, we will offer a make-up class or adjust the following month’s tuition based on the number of classes you are enrolled in.  We do not offer make-ups for holidays since your annual rate does not include holidays. See below for more information regarding our fees and payment regulations.


Tuition Policy       

Even though we permit monthly tuition payments and our families pay by the month, your tuition rates are based on a yearly ( 12 month, (43 week average) tuition scale which includes Sterling being closed certain holidays of the year. Sterling will follow, in most cases, the San Jose Unified School District schedule (see our calendar page). Regardless of the length of the month, tuition remains the same. Unlike many other studios, we don’t charge for the “fifth” class in any given month and because of this there are a few days each month, on a rotating basis, that classes are free! We do not have a minimum class size as many studios do and we have a generous make-up policy which includes make-ups for any reason as long as classes are available. Please keep in mind that during the course of the year, the same tuition each month not only allows Sterling to offer a substantial discount, but also a lot of options and conveniences and extra classes you otherwise wouldn’t have. With our generous make-up policy everyone gets their fair share of classes. We do not allow pro-rating of tuition unless we cancel a regularly scheduled class and no make-ups are available. We accept checks, cash or families may set up recurring payments through their bank.

Registration Fee

Registration/ Insurance Fee: $35.00 one, $20.00 each additional student per family


Students must remain registered in order to participate in our annual Showcase. A class hold fee of 60% tuition is charged for students absent more than three weeks in any given month and only with prior permission. Hold Fees are not reduced tuition. Any classes taken in that month must be paid for in addition to the Hold Fee. The hold fee option may be used only once in a given year and only with the approval of the Director. For absences less than three weeks, full tuition is charged and make-ups offered. Hold fees must be paid in advance of the absence or full tuition will be charged. PLEASE NOTE: Hold-fees are not allowed on months Sterling is closed for one week or more due to holidays since your tuition rate already includes those closures.

Make-Ups ( New Regulations)

Students may make up missed classes for any reason as long as a comparable class is available. Classes must be made-up by attending a class other than their regular class. Extra required classes during Showcase months may not be used as make-ups.   Families may not "save up" classes and then pay reduced or pro-rated tuition. We are not obligated to provide make-ups.  Please ask your instructor for appropriate make-up classes. Make-ups must be taken within a reasonable time of the absence, limit three months and preferably in the same type of dance as the class that was missed.   Make-ups can be used as a way to try a different type of dance but only one time per type of dance. Families may not use 3-4 make-ups to take a new class for free for a month prior to enrolling in it or “drop” a class then continue to attend it as “make-ups”.

Late Fees

Tuition is due at the first class of each month. A $20.00 dollar late fee will be charged for payments received after the 10th of the month. $20.00 per month will be added for unpaid balances.  Sterling does not send out statements unless payment is late. Students with tuition still due at the end of the month will not be allowed to take class until payment is made. Most families arrange through their bank for recurring payments to avoid late fees. The address is 1337 Redmond Avenue, San Jose, CA 95120.

Adds or Drops

Sterling must be notified prior to the 1st of the "drop" month of the intent to drop classes or full tuition will be charged for that month. We are holding a place in class for your dancer until notified. Notification must be by email or full tuition will be charged. Please do not tell the instructor, they have no authority to process drops. For class adds or additions to your current schedule please email to confirm enrollment and tuition. While you may drop at any time, we do not accept one or two-month "convenience" drops unless approved by the director for special circumstances. Families who do this will no longer be offered the family rates at the studio since they will not be paying their fair share of tuition for the year. Hold Fees may be paid for extended absences with Director approval.

Returned Check Charge

A fee of $30.00 will be charged for all returned checks.


Good attendance is required for all students who wish to be considered for promotion and for inclusion in our Fall Showcase.  Dance training is not a seasonal activity. Except for family vacations, summer attendance is especially important since our Showcase is in the Fall and we use the summer months to prepare our dancers for the show rehearsals starting in September. Please contact us in advance of any long summer absences. A student must be enrolled in a type of dance for 100% of the year in order to be included in the show in that type of dance.  The only exception to this is new students who start mid-year and only applies to their first year at the studio. 

Dance Attire:

       At Sterling we realize that not all dancers are comfortable in strict dance uniforms of the same color or style.  However, it is important to dress in proper dance wear and shoes for class. Listed below are our regulations for each type of dance.  Please do not come to class improperly dressed. Dancers attending class without the proper attire will be given notice and then not allowed to take class if the problem persists.


Ballet I and II Ages 6-8 Leotard, pink tights, pink ballet shoes.

Ballet I, II, III Ages 9-Teen Leotard, tights or biker shorts required. Any color, style. No baggy clothing.  Tees, sweaters okay if tight-fitting.  Short ballet skirts okay. Leg warmers okay. Hair must be up and away from face and securely fastened.  Pink leather, split-soled ballet shoes required.  Loose street clothing or baggy tee-shirts are not allowed.  Solid colors preferred.

Teen/Adult Beginning Ballet/Tap: Same as above preferred, but other active-wear may be worn in lieu of leotards and tights. Please do not wear overly baggy clothes.

Jazz:  Lycra-wear or dance-wear only.  Jazz pants okay. Jazz shoes required. Hair up and away from face.

Tap: Same as for Jazz.  Jazz/ Tap shoes required for all dancers except pre-school/ Kindergarten who may wear children’s Tap shoes.

Zumba: Sportswear or loose clothing. Running shoes.


Annual Showcase

A recital fee is charged prior to our annual Fall Showcase at the Santa Clara Convention Center Theater. In addition, all students will be charged a costume fee to be determined by the number of dances the student participates in. Family discounts are given for both recital fees and some costume fees. These fees are set annually according to the expected costs of the production and include 8 tickets to the show the video and an extensive digital photo package.

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