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 Sterling stands for:

Strength - Technique - Energy - Rhythm - Love - Innovation - Nerve - Grace

  all of the qualities that go into making a superb dancer.

Ballet-The Ultimate Challenge

Ballet is the foundation of dance. All serious dancers take ballet. It provides the kinetic awareness, grace and control that makes a dancer excel in any form of dance. We encourage all our dancers to take ballet.
At Sterling we make ballet both fun and challenging! We teach Russian-french ballet and then produce choreography that is innovative and unusual in it's approach to the genre. Don't let the lack of black leotards and pink tights fool you; we take a very serious approach to teaching proper technique while at the same time creating dancers with spirit and who know how to move!
Artistic Director Darlene Thorne has continued the Russian-French style of ballet as taught by Dimitri Romanoff of American Ballet Theatre and his wife Francesca Romanoff of the San Francisco Opera Ballet. This legacy is a direct line of teaching from the famous  Diaghilev's  Ballets Russes in France through Theodore Kosloff,  Adoft Bolm, then Dimitri Romanoff, Ballet Master and founding member of American Ballet Theatre in New York.  Darlene studied directly with Mr Romanoff for 12 years then took over his original San Jose Ballet School in 1979. 
         It's never too late to start ballet and we hope to see your dancer start soon!

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